How to Get Him to Kiss You

How to Get Him to Kiss You: 6 Important Tips To Ensure Your Man Gives You That First Kiss

There’s a point in all relationships where things get taken to the next step. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating – five days, five weeks or five minutes – the first kiss is the most important and nerve-wracking of them all. You may feel jittery about the relationship, but so does he. It may not seem like it but men get nervous too!

How can you increase your chances of him finally kissing you? 6 Ways To Increase The Chances For Your First Kiss

Watch His Lips

This is actually one of the most overlooked clues women will miss. Believe it or not, even men don’t know that they’re making this non-verbal clue. By watching his lips, you’re letting him know that you’d like to see them closer and in a more personal way.


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