How to Get Him to Propose

How-to-Get-Him-to-ProposeHow to Get Him to Propose: 7 Ways To Show Your Boyfriend That You Want Him To “Pop The Question”

You’ve been dating the man of your dreams for quite a while now, and are ready for the relationship to go forward with the next step. Has he been acting like he wants to ask, but doesn’t go forward with it? Are you sure he’s the one but not sure how he feels? You’d like him to make the ultimate commitment and ask you to marry him, but you don’t want him to feel pressured to do so.

Pressure is the worst thing a man can feel when it comes to marriage. If you’re ready for this last step in the dating game, there are several ways to get what you want without putting undue pressure on him.

7 Ways To Find Out If He’s Ready To “Take The Plunge”

Gauge His Readiness Level

A man isn’t going to propose if he doesn’t feel ready to take the plunge. How can you know if he’s ready? Drop some subtle hints about the idea to learn what his readiness level is. If one of your friends or co-workers just got engaged or married, mention it. When talking about famous couples, drop hints about the kind of guy you’d like to end up with. Men know women think about marriage – it’s up to you to show him that you’d like him to think about it as well.


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