How To Make Him Love You

How To Make Him Love YouHow To Make Him Love You: 7 Meaningful Ways To Inspire Him To Say, “I Love You”

Have you met the man of your dreams and are now waiting to hear him say, “I love you”? If you been dating someone for some time, you may be wondering where the relationship is headed. Do you want things to go beyond where they are now, but are afraid to put too much pressure on him?

The reality about love is that you can’t make anyone love you – man or woman. However, you can have a relationship that will motivate him to love you like you deserve.

7 Primary Ways To Make A Man Love You

Make Him Want To Be With You

One trait men tend to look for in their women is how easy they can be around. If you’re always texting him to find out what’s going on with him, who’s he with and what’s he doing, this causes him to be on his guard. If you’re relaxed and easygoing, it allows them the opportunity to fall in love with you much faster than someone who acts like a stalker.

Shower Him With Compliments

Believe it or not, everybody – man and woman – wants to have their ego fed. Why wouldn’t you want to be around people who shower you with compliments? You like the idea of being called gorgeous, right? Well, he feels the same way. Of course, there’s a line between compliments and stalker. To ensure you don’t go overboard, each time he picks you up, compliment him on his wardrobe. When he gives you a compliment, return one. If it’s something you feel genuine about, it’ll show. With his ego fed, you’ll have him around more often.


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