48 Signs Of Male Attraction

Signs Of Male Attraction

Signs Of Male Attraction: 48 Physical and Non-Physical Signs Of Attraction Men Project Toward Women

The field of science has uncovered a number of sexual attraction indicators – signs that can’t be explained away or misunderstood. And, in order to know when men are interested in them, women need to know what the signs of attraction are. After all, by picking these cues up, you’ll know when you need to engage with a prospective suitor and when you shouldn’t. No doubt that learning these signs of attraction can save you a lot of heartbreak and grief.
First, what you have to understand is that there are both physical and emotional signs to look for. However, there are also an array of other signs to watch for… things that you wouldn’t think are signs of attraction. They’re noted under their respective categories, but do give you helpful insight into how.

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16 Physical Signs Of Attraction Men Often Project When Interested In Women

1 – Eye Contact (Staring)

According to body language experts, making eye contact with a person you’re interested in helps in engaging them. Scientists say how a person looks at you speaks volumes in terms of sexual attraction. Watch where his eyes dart toward? Is it to your mouth? Is it your hair? Are you seeing his eyes on your breasts? Is he watching your hands as you hold something? If so, he may be picturing that you’re holding his hand.

When it comes to eye contact, it’s important to remember that they are the window into a person’s soul. Remember your eyes speak volumes – when you’re happy, sad, angry or whatever.

2 – Voice Tone

One of the hardest things to pick up on is a man’s tone of voice. In the past, men spoke with a deep tone to give a decisive ending to sentences they spoke while women spoke with a high note at the end as if they’re asking questions. This isn’t true any longer.

Today, men speak “Valley Girl” tones – something that came about during the 1980s from women. And, during casual conversation this often occurs. However, when a man wants to be more intimate or close to someone, they’ll go back to the deep vocal tones.

3 – Man Touches Himself More Often

Get your head out the gutter! This doesn’t mean what you may think it means. When a man is interested in a woman, he may begin stroking his face more often or rub his shoulder or the top part of his thigh. He may cross one arm across his chest while squeezing and rubbing his shoulder. The move is subtle but is a clue to his attraction towards a lady.

The self-touching is all about keeping himself groomed and appearing nice for a lady. It’s a kind of behavior known as “displacement”, and, according to various studies, a man who increases his self-touching is a sign that he’s a bit uncomfortable near a woman (not in a bad way). If he’s touching his hair – using his fingers to lightly brush through his hair. He may feel flustered and a little unsure of himself.

Just think of this as another non-verbal way he’s trying to tell you, “Hey, I like you”.

Special Note: If a man you’re talking to strokes your hair before a relationship has been established, you may want to back away. This person may be a bit too aggressive or unable to properly react in a social way.


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