Why He Didn’t Call You

Why He Didn’t Call YouIt May Not Be About You: 7 Typical Reasons Men Don’t Call A Woman Back

When Alexander Bell created the telephone, women have asked why men don’t call them back. After all, if he said they’d call the lady and don’t, it makes women question as to why this is. There are all kinds of reasons men don’t call back – some are valid; others not so valid. Still, there are reasons ladies need to understand on why men don’t call them back.

7 Common Reasons Men May Not Call Women Back

He Doesn’t Want To Come Across Over-Eager

One of the biggest reasons men don’t call a woman back is that he doesn’t want to come across as over-eager. While he’ll call but it won’t be right away. He wants to demonstrate to her that he has a life away from the relationship.

Plus, they want to be in control of the dating game – he wants to chase her, not the other way around. He’ll call but he’ll do it on his timing and terms. Women may think he won’t call back and, that because he doesn’t right away, something went wrong.

He may just be waiting for the “perfect” time.


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