How Attraction Works for Men

HowAttractionWorksforMenHow Attraction Works for Men: How Does The Attraction Process Work For Males

When you deal with the dating world, it’s important take into consideration the other person’s perspective. Ladies, wouldn’t you like to understand how the law of attraction for men works? While all men are different – attraction to different women, attraction to different things, etc. – there are always some similarities that men have an attraction to.

Some attractions take their time to show while others are a bit obvious. Women think it’s hard to know how the male attraction works. Are you ready to learn?

5 Ways To Increase The Male’s Attraction Process To The Ladies


Men have a thing for hot women, which increases a lady’s attraction in men. The advertising world is centered on this idea. Men think beautiful women are special, and when she gives him attention or likes him, he’s attracted to her. All men have their own idea of beauty, and a hot lady is something the male species has a hard time refusing. Okay, you don’t need to look like Scarlett Johansen or Christy Brinkley, but you should always look your best when they’re around to get the attraction process going.

Feeling Good With The Ladies

A man who loves being around a certain lady has an increase in their attraction level for her. He may be attracted to others every now and then, but if a man is married or dating, the attraction he feels for that one person only deepens – all because of how she makes him feel. A woman who compliments her man, says thank you whenever he does something good for her and doesn’t ever get caught up in the games increases their attraction. This is the type of woman a man feels happy to be with. Finding this means increasing the attraction.

She Can Easily Forgive Him

When women constantly nag their other half, it makes harder for him to be attracted to her. If a little mole hill crops up and she doesn’t make it into a mountain, then he becomes even more attracted to her. It shows him that she doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and that life together could be easy – from day one until death. If he spills a glass of wine on you and you don’t overreact, he’s going to remember that for years.

Show Him Your Confidence

Men are attracted to sexiness. Men love women who are confident in themselves but doesn’t constantly flaunt it. She loves going for what she wants or calling someone’s bluff – and men absolutely love it.

You can’t fake your confidence, eventually he’ll catch the rouse. It’s this confidence that increases their attraction in women. If a man has a desire to go after you, it’s because you’re sexy to them. If you carry yourself like you don’t care how the world sees you, they’ll regarded you as being attractive.


One surefire way to produce the attraction in men is to smile. Women who show their smile on a regular basis tend to have active social lives, they forgive easily, are confident and a whole host of things that gets a man’s attention. Smile at a man you’ve never seen before shows them that they can approach you without a fear. If you smile at the man you’re dating, you make it easy for him to be around you. A smile to your husband lets him know that everything will be fine. Women forget the power their smile has.

What Does It All Mean?

Basically, you don’t have to overthink the law of attraction for men, as it can backfire. Ladies, men are far simpler folks than you can imagine. Just smile more often and act like yourself, and you’re sure to attain his attention.

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