How to Get Him to Kiss You

How to Get Him to Kiss You: 6 Important Tips To Ensure Your Man Gives You That First Kiss

There’s a point in all relationships where things get taken to the next step. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating – five days, five weeks or five minutes – the first kiss is the most important and nerve-wracking of them all. You may feel jittery about the relationship, but so does he. It may not seem like it but men get nervous too!

How can you increase your chances of him finally kissing you? 6 Ways To Increase The Chances For Your First Kiss

Watch His Lips

This is actually one of the most overlooked clues women will miss. Believe it or not, even men don’t know that they’re making this non-verbal clue. By watching his lips, you’re letting him know that you’d like to see them closer and in a more personal way.

Bring Attention To Your Lips

Besides making sure he notices you watches his lips, be sure you bring some attention to his. You can use bold lipstick to highlight the lips, but using some clever non-verbal cues will also work.

When he says something that “shocks” you, place your hand on your mouth and laugh to bring it some attention. If he asks you something, consider putting a finger to your mouth and pretend that you’re thinking about the answer. The idea is to let him know that you’d like for him to touch you.

Touch Him

If you want to get closer to him, use the fake rub the lint of his shoulder method. If he’s yet to make a move, use this to make it for him.

Linger Just A Bit

Men are not dumb. They understand that, as the date is coming to an end, there will need to be some type of action that takes place. If he’s yet to make a move, it’s because you’ve not yet given him a reason to make it. Linger, and see what goes on. He’ll know you’re waiting for something to happen. He’s either going to make the move or not.

Reduce The Space To Increase The Kissing Chances

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, to increase your chances of a first kiss, you need to use the hug and hold method. When you reduce the physical distance between the two of you, it eliminates some of the pressure on him. At the end of the date, let him know you would like to hug and give him one. Hold it for a couple of minutes and look into his eyes while telling him you had a good time. He’s going to take the hint.

Be Direct, Be Confident

If you’ve gone on with him several times now and no kissing has taken place, you need to just go ahead and ask him why. Ask him when he’ll kiss you. Remember, men love confident women, and it tells that you’re interested in taking things further. And, if he’s interested in you, he’ll laugh the question off and feel some relief. If not, then you know where things stand and can move on.

What You Should Understand About Kissing

Your first kiss is a big deal, and he probably wants it just as much as you. However, if he’s fearful that you’ll reject him or he’ll be humiliated, he’s not going to take the next step. With the right tone, you can lessen the stress on him. If you’ve given all the right cues and he still hasn’t taken the bait, he probably never will. If this happens to be your case, don’t try to force things forward. You’re going to be the one feeling humiliated.

By knowing your man and setting up the cues, you can push your dating life to another new level.

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