How To Get Him To Notice You

How To Get Him To Notice You: 8 Primary Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Him Noticing You

Are you interested in a man but you don’t know how he feels about you? Have you attempted to get his attention but the efforts appear not to be working? It’s time to stop overthinking your moves and remember the basics. There are all kinds of ways that you can increase the chances of him noticing you. There’s no reason to try overly hard to make it happen.

Want Him To Notice You: 8 Things That Will Help You Get His Attention

Do Something That Knocks His Socks Off

If someone does something amazing, people tend to sit up and take notice. It doesn’t matter what this amazing thing is. If he asks you something, be sure you give him an amazing answer or succeed in a way that has you standing out from the rest of the women out there.

Be Sure You’re Ahead Of Him

The worst thing you can do is play hard to get and stay behind him. If you’re not making yourself noticeable, he’s never going to see you. Yes, it really is that obvious. If you’re going to have him notice you, you need to make yourself seen.

Smile and Initiate Eye Contact

Make sure, as you smile at him, that he sees you doing this. Men are far more likely to approach a woman who is showing them interest and realizes they are there. If you look like you’re having a bad day, it’s not sending him signals that he should approach you.

Show Him Some Appreciation

A man who feels appreciated by a woman is going to notice her much faster than one that doesn’t appreciate him. The appreciation can be as simple as remarking about the way he handled something. The little things you say can go a long way in your favor.

Be Flirty

This is especially important if he initiates the flirting. Believe it or not, flirting takes the pressure off men because it helps him to know if a woman is interested in him. If you’re not flirting with him, he won’t know you exist. Of course, he may know you exist but decide he’s not interested enough to take things to another level.

Make A Connection With Him

When you start talking to him, learn if you have things in common. If so, then you need to make the connection by talking about those things.

Be Cool Without Trying Hard

It’s important to remember that playing hard to get can work against you, and if you’re too easy, it sends out the wrong signals. Remember, not to overthink things when it comes to the relationship and dating game.

Play With Boy-Related Toys With Him

It sounds a little silly, but getting him to notice you may mean playing with boy-related toys – things that he likes. For instance, play a game of laser tag with him or paintball. It’s similar to boys pulling on your hair in fourth grade. The tables have turned; it’s time for you to be the silly one.

In The End…

Getting noticed by a man boils down to one thing: you must be noticeable. Women usually overthink this step, and tend to try way too hard to be cool and noticed. However, men won’t notice you if you don’t prove to them that you’re worth getting to know. Be sure you do something that makes you stand out positively, and go ahead and be a little silly. Don’t be one of those high-maintenance women men like to avoid.

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