How to Get Him to Notice You More

Make Him See You: 6 Things That Will Sure Get His Attention

Have you ever felt you’re the victim of love not returned? Have you tried everything you could think of to make him see you? Maybe you’re married, and you feel your spouse no longer sees you as the amazing sexy person you still are. Regardless of the relationship stage, even if there isn’t one yet, there are several things you can do and things you need to avoid that will surely get his attention… in the direction you want it to go!

6 Things You Can Do In Order For Him To Notice You

Let Him Know How You Feel

Most men are clueless about women, and they don’t always know when a woman likes them. If they are aware when a woman likes then, even if it’s not yet reciprocated, they’re going to notice the woman more.

You don’t have to freak the guy out by letting him know all your feelings. Instead, be elusive and use subtle clues that makes him aware of how you feel. Brush lint off his shoulder, give him a quick smile, catch his eye every now and then, bump into him at the library, etc. Little things like this make him realize that you’re there and want to be noticed.

Lightly Flirt With Him

Be sure you flirt with him, because just telling him you like him isn’t enough. You must show him that you like him. If he’s not available, flirting still gets you noticed. Men love it when women take the initiative, as it eliminates the pressure on them. If he’s not in your life yet, the flirting will help. If he is already in your life, you don’t have to quit the flirting.

Ask Him For Some Assistance

One of the biggest tricks women can use is asking a man for some help, even if it’s not completely warranted. Men love feeling like the protector and savior, and it helps them to notice you. It seems like an outdated tactic, but men love to feel like men and help a woman in distress. And, when he’s helping you, throw in a little flirting.

Always Look Him In The Eye

A nonverbal clue that makes a big impact is looking him right in the eye. When you do this in any other case, it establishes trust. If you do it with him, he makes him sit up and take notice of you. Be sure you look him right in the eye and lovingly stare at him. Do this for a couple of seconds; nothing more because it turns creepy.

Be A Little Mysterious

You want a man to know you want him, but you also need him to want more from you. Make sure you don’t share everything on the first date. Leave a little air of mystery around you. If he has to guess who you are, he’s going to want to know more about you.

Dress To Impress

Be sure you dress a little sexy but not like you do it for your living. Men don’t mind bare skin every now and then; but, certainly not all the time. Remember, you can dress sexy without looking slutty. If you cross the line into slutty, you’re not going to get noticed for what you want.

2 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Want A Man To Notice You

Don’t Act Unavailable

There is a huge misconception in the dating game that not answering phone calls or messages means you have a life and that you don’t need him. The reality is that you do need/want him, which is why you’re trying to get him to notice you. When you act like you’re unavailable, it tells him that you’re a high maintenance kind of person. Men don’t like playing games, and if you’re playing the “I want you but I’m not available” game, he’s going to keep on walking.

Bear in mind that men get nervous asking women out, and if you’re playing hard to get, he’s not going to ask you.

Stop Being Who You’re Not

You can’t keep up a charade forever. Have you ever gone out to a restaurant and watched a girl doing something she normally would not have done… all for the sake of a man noticing her? Many women think they can pull it off, but the reality is that men can see right through this. He’s going to notice you but he’s not going to take a real interest in you. Men can spot a fake woman rather quickly.

What Does It All Mean?

If you want a man to sit up and take notice of you, you need to remember the ball is in your hands. Men don’t always have to do the chasing. Use the above tactics to get the man you like or the man you’re married to to see you. Ask yourself if you’ve done something that gets him to notice you. With subtle signals – nothing overboard – you can end up with who you want.

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