How to Get Him to Propose

How-to-Get-Him-to-ProposeHow to Get Him to Propose: 7 Ways To Show Your Boyfriend That You Want Him To “Pop The Question”

You’ve been dating the man of your dreams for quite a while now, and are ready for the relationship to go forward with the next step. Has he been acting like he wants to ask, but doesn’t go forward with it? Are you sure he’s the one but not sure how he feels? You’d like him to make the ultimate commitment and ask you to marry him, but you don’t want him to feel pressured to do so.

Pressure is the worst thing a man can feel when it comes to marriage. If you’re ready for this last step in the dating game, there are several ways to get what you want without putting undue pressure on him.

7 Ways To Find Out If He’s Ready To “Take The Plunge”

Gauge His Readiness Level

A man isn’t going to propose if he doesn’t feel ready to take the plunge. How can you know if he’s ready? Drop some subtle hints about the idea to learn what his readiness level is. If one of your friends or co-workers just got engaged or married, mention it. When talking about famous couples, drop hints about the kind of guy you’d like to end up with. Men know women think about marriage – it’s up to you to show him that you’d like him to think about it as well.

Express Your Readiness

You may want to know if he’s ready to make a commitment, but you should understand that he’s thinking about you in the same manner. He wants to also know if you’re ready to take things to the next step. A man won’t ask you to marry him if he doesn’t know what you’ll say with major certainty. A man isn’t going to ask you to marry him if he doesn’t know what your stance is on the matter. Be sure you show him that you’re ready for a commitment, and he’ll be much more inclined to “pop the question”.

Cook A “Chicken” Dinner For Him

It sounds weird but cooking for him, especially chicken, invokes feelings of home. If you think it’s weird, a 2004 Glamor Magazine article called “Engagement Chicken” found that more couples were engaged when chicken meals were involved. And, if you’re not much of a cook and burn dinner, you can laugh about the experience at the restaurant you end up at. He’ll love you for trying to cook him something.

Use Actions, Not Just Words

You’ve heard the saying that actions speak louder than words, right? Well, if you want him to propose to you, you must show him that you are the wife he’s been looking for. For instance:

• If his computer stops working, consider helping him to solve the problem.
• If his mother is in the hospital, consider making the phone calls to let people know what’s going on or send food to family members who don’t have time to really take care of themselves.
• Go out of your way to purchase Christmas presents that he forgot for his family members.

If you want him to ask you that every important question, you need to prove to him that you are the person he’s been looking for all his life.

Address The Fears He Has

When it comes to a lifelong commitment, he’s not going to make it if he doesn’t believe he’s a good enough man. Be sure you let him know that you’re okay with him, which includes both positive and negative qualities. Treat all his fears like you’d want your fears to be treated. When he realizes that you really do love him, he’ll accept you and your baggage.

Steer Him Away From The Comfort Zone

When it comes to men, they don’t value the things they can easily attain. Therefore, it’s okay to put your significant other on the spot from time to time to ensure he gets out of his comfort zone. Don’t forget to stick to the standards you have set for yourself, realize what you’re worth and abide by the opinions you have… even if he doesn’t share them.

Verbally Express How You Feel

Let him know how you’re feeling without coming across as overly eager. This will take some practice because it’s art and the topic needs to be finessed. Tell him exactly how you’d like things to go without putting undue pressure on him or seeming like you are.

What Should You Remember?

If you want a man to propose to you, you have to understand that there’s no fast way it can be done. In order to make him pop the question is to make him realize that losing you would be the worst mistake of his life. Show him that you’re the kind of woman who is wife material and that you care about him and the baggage he brings into the relationship. And, if you’re not real sure if you can do this, cook him your favorite roasted chicken meal.

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