How To Make Him Love You

How To Make Him Love YouHow To Make Him Love You: 7 Meaningful Ways To Inspire Him To Say, “I Love You”

Have you met the man of your dreams and are now waiting to hear him say, “I love you”? If you been dating someone for some time, you may be wondering where the relationship is headed. Do you want things to go beyond where they are now, but are afraid to put too much pressure on him?

The reality about love is that you can’t make anyone love you – man or woman. However, you can have a relationship that will motivate him to love you like you deserve.

7 Primary Ways To Make A Man Love You

Make Him Want To Be With You

One trait men tend to look for in their women is how easy they can be around. If you’re always texting him to find out what’s going on with him, who’s he with and what’s he doing, this causes him to be on his guard. If you’re relaxed and easygoing, it allows them the opportunity to fall in love with you much faster than someone who acts like a stalker.

Shower Him With Compliments

Believe it or not, everybody – man and woman – wants to have their ego fed. Why wouldn’t you want to be around people who shower you with compliments? You like the idea of being called gorgeous, right? Well, he feels the same way. Of course, there’s a line between compliments and stalker. To ensure you don’t go overboard, each time he picks you up, compliment him on his wardrobe. When he gives you a compliment, return one. If it’s something you feel genuine about, it’ll show. With his ego fed, you’ll have him around more often.

Chase Him Instead

Men love it when women chase them for two reasons:

• It feeds into their ego
• It removes some of the pressure he feels

Men are not going to chase the unattainable woman so be sure you give him a slight break and chase him. He’s likely to fall in love with you quicker because you did it.

Always Look and Smell Your Best

It’s a must to look your best whenever he’s around. And, just as important it is to look your best, you should also smell your best. Sense of smell tends to trigger extremely deep responses more so than looks in both men and women. The brain’s smell system is connected to its feeling system (olfactory system to limbic system). When you smell good, it causes his body to release emotions that make him want you. And, if he’s not around you but smells something that reminds him of you, it makes him desire to be with you.

Most people don’t understand the power a sense of smell offers.

Be Open To Love

No man is ever going to say, “I love you” until he knows that a woman is going to repeat those words to him. If you’re playing the “hard to get” game or are afraid to be loved, he’s not going to say them. He’s going to think that you’re not the one he should be with. Falling in love is the hardest step a person can take. However, once feelings have all been laid out, it opens you up to the sweetness of a relationship.

Make Him Feel Needed

Men are the protectors – they want to help the damsel in distress. Blame it on the fact that it’s an alpha male thing, and it’s in their instinct to help women. While it’s good that you’re confident, asking him for help every now and then makes him feel like you actually need him.

Whisper Sweet Nothings In His Ear

What is it about a woman whispering in a man’s ear that riles him up? The feeling is intimate… a little naughty. It’s like you’re informing him of something no one else is going to know. This gives him the special feeling of importance. When you make him feel special, it helps to trigger the bonding desire.

What You Should Understand About Men

If you’re going to help a man to fall in love with you, you’ll need to act a little vulnerable, be easy and flirt. If you can tap into the emotional triggers that causes the “love” emotion, it’ll be easier for him to say those three little words. Don’t be the kind of girlfriend that stresses over every little thing. Rather, stay confident in yourself and the relationship. When he realizes you’re going to return the affections he’s offering, he’s going to fall deep in love… with you.

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