How to Stop Nagging

How to Stop Nagging: 7 Tips To Help Your Relationship Be Strong and Non-Confrontational

Men often claim that a woman’s nagging is the biggest reason a relationship ends. The reality is that no woman wants to be called a nag. It begins because a woman is unable to get her point through without resorting to nagging. Although both parties want the nagging to end, the endless nagging cycle goes on. How can you stop the nagging process?

The first step is to realize that you’re doing it. From that, you need to consider implementing some replacement behaviors as an alternative.

7 Things You Can Do To End The Incessant Nagging


This term was developed by relationship expert Dr. Stratyner, and is the polar opposite of confrontation. What is carefrontation? It’s about reminding your spouse that you think of him as your spouse, not your slave. If you feel a fight is going to ensue, you’re going to be right. It’s because you go into a talk with that frame of mind.

Lighten The Mood

Instead of saying your spouse is a deadbeat, explain to them how you feel. Make jokes about it too to help lighten the mood when you talk. If you’re tired of your spouse leaving the toilet seat up, tell them that you fear death by drowning every time you go into the bathroom. Or, if you’re stressed out by the constant cooking you must do after a hard day’s work, ask them what can be done about it.

If you make a person feel like a bad guy, they’re going to be searching for ways to leave, not help.

You’re On The Same Page

A relationship means a couple needs to be on the same page. The toilet seat isn’t left up because his desire is to anger you. He’s a man – it is what it is. The best thing you can do to address the nagging issue is to come up with a compromise about the issue. It’s certainly better than screaming out, “Really? Again? What do I have to do to remind you?”

Offer Timelines and Solutions

Offer up a timeline and solutions to your spouse. If you’re looking for the bathroom to be cleaned, let him know that you’d like to have it done by Friday because you’re going to have people coming over. Tell him that if he’s unable to do it, to let you know and you’ll hire a maid to clean the home and bathroom.

You’ll get one of two responses:

• It may be best to hire someone to help with the house. This is a crazy week at work.
• Don’t do that! That’s an expense we can do without! I’ll get it done by Thursday.

By handling things in this manner, you’re not nagging and you don’t have to stress about the task not getting done.

Make Chores Sexy

Let your spouse know that his doing a certain chore is sexy. Be sure you follow through on this so it’ll be a reminder later on that he’s done something good and gotten rewarded for it.

Don’t Make Assumptions, Understand

Believe it or not, there’s a reason for the behavior. If you appreciate the fact that he can’t get the bathroom done because he’s excessively busy, don’t make assumptions it’s because he’s lazy. By understanding the behavior, you address the issue faster.

Make Him Understand

It’s imperative that you make him understand what you want from him. Too often, women think their spouse can read minds. Your husband can’t know that you’re stressed out about something if you don’t make him aware of it. You want him to understand how you’re feeling. Never assume he knows what you’re feeling… chances are, he doesn’t know!

What Does It All Mean?

The reality behind nagging and stopping is that you must understand the communication barrier that’s in place. If you don’t communicate with your other half in a proper way, the nagging will be persistent and annoying. A couple should be playing on the same team – one person is not better than the other. If you use words and communication that brought you both together, you can forgo any and all nagging.

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