How To Talk To Men

how To Talk To MenHow To Talk To Men: 7 Key Techniques Women Can Use To Talk To Men Easily and Effortlessly

Dating… it’s one of the hardest things you’ll do in life. After all, you need to know how to talk to men without over thinking about every little thing. Perhaps the guy you’re hanging out with doesn’t open up like you’d like or you’re just entering the dating world after a divorce of several years of marriage with no clue as to how to talk to men.

Do you want to know how to talk to men like your friends do? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

7 Ways To Get Men To Open Up and Talk To You

Listen More Often, Speak A Little Less

The best communication dating tip you should always keep in mind is to talk a little less while listening much more. If you’re the chatterbox of your group, men are going to get bored and irritated. Instead, listen to him because it could be important. What he’s saying could give you an indication of the next topic of conversation and in what direction the relationship is headed.

Do Things With Each Other

Men don’t like the idea of sitting down and talking. Instead, they’re all about the physical things – going out golfing, bowling, playing football or having a beer. Unless the talk is extremely important, consider doing something active together. A good walk in the park can make him open up and talk, as it gives you something to talk about.

Be Who You Are

Men are not dumb; they can see right through a ruse. If you’re trying to impress them, don’t put on an act to do it. Making a mistake every now and then makes him see you as a human. And, he won’t be near as nervous to be around you. If you act like someone other than yourself, he won’t know how to talk to you and you’ll have to work hard to keep him with you. However, be yourself, and he’s bound to open up and talk.

Remember, He’s A Human Too

Don’t forget that he’s a human too. Don’t put him on a pedestal because this places undue pressure on him. When you hang out, just remember he’s no different than you are. He’s human, he’s anxious, he’s nervous and his nerves are probably jittery – just like you. Don’t put a lot of pressure on him to carry on the conversation. The idea is to enjoy the time with him – not pressuring him to make conversations or whatever.

Get To Know Him Better By Asking Questions

If you want to learn more about him, you need to ask him questions. Men don’t want to sit down and listen to you talk about girlfriend issues. Instead, ask him about his day, his likes and dislikes and other things. Asking him questions allows him to think about what it is he’s looking for. You want to show him that he’s a good person to be with – allow him this chance.

Allow Him To Drive The Conversation

Sure, this sounds a bit sexist, but with him guiding the conversation, it releases the pressure he feels. Remember, men are the hunters; they tend to do the chasing. Therefore, let him begin the conversations and listen to see what he has to say about his life. When he’s talking, don’t interrupt with your own story. Allow him to guide the conversation flow until the comfort zone has been established.

Have Good Sense Of Humor

It’s important that you have a good sense of humor and are playful, as it sends him the message that you’re someone he can be himself with. Go ahead and be a little silly. Joke around with him. If you can laugh at yourself about something silly, he’ll start laughing too. Men are like women – they do have a sense of humor. And, it’s one quality that ranks high on their list of qualities. The reality? The easier you are to be with, the more he’ll want to be with you.


It’s much easier to talk to a man than women make it seem. If you let go of any and all expectations about the “perfect conversation”, the process of talking to them is going to be much easier. You don’t talk to men the same way you’d talk to your lady friends. After all, ladies have the same emotions that allow them to communicate better. If there’s one friend of yours that always seems to be going out with the guys, use the above tips to help you be the fun lady to be with. Before you know it, you’ll have your pick of men to go out with.

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