Does He Really Love Me?

doeshereallylovemeDoes He Really Love Me? 6 Key Tips How To Know Your Boyfriend Wants To Say, ‘I Love You”

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you may begin to wonder when that elusive “L” word will crop up. Perhaps you’ve dropped hints here and there or made suggestions that would get your significant other to finally say it. However, the reality behind your other half saying the “L” word is this: they won’t say it until they’re feel good and ready to say it.

And, when your boyfriend is ready to say it, he’ll begin dropping clues to see how you feel about it. What clues? Well, every guy is different in the clues they use, but there are several key ones you can keep your eye out for to find out if he’s ready to say, “I Love You”.

6 Primary Ways A Man Will Indicate He Wants To Say, “I Love You”

Constantly Staying In Contact

When a man is in love, he’ll do whatever he can to be next to her. And, when it’s not face to face, he’ll call, email, text or instant message her so he stays in touch with her.

Talks About Intimate Details

Men, as a whole, have problems talking about the serious issues in their life as well as important experiences and memories. However, a man who starts opening up about them to a woman is generally in love. If this is done on the first date, this isn’t love. If a relationship has been going on for about six months, this is a sign that love is in the air.

Some examples include sharing divorce details, stories about his childhood, his dreams, his ambitions and talks about his mom that continue beyond one or two times. If there are no mommy problems, he’s letting you know that he’d like to marry someone similar to her.


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