How Commitment Works for Men

How Commitment Works for MenHow Commitment Works for Men: 8 Significant Ways Men Start To Feel Committed To Their Relationships

Have you been dating a man but feel it’s got a phobia to commitment? If you’ve been dating for some time and still the relationship is stuck on neutral? Have you been dating a man and wondered why the topic of commitment hasn’t even come up?

Regardless of what you think, it’s on them… not you!

There are some secrets you can unlock when it comes to the commitment-phobe. And, by knowing them, you can be sure your relationship can go to the next level.


One of the most important factors in any relationship is attraction. It’s not just about your size but also how you present yourself. How healthy are you? Do you constantly try to look your best so he’ll want to be with you?

Believe it or not, men are always thinking about that next step, and like you, he’s thinking about the future with you and what your kids would look like. How you present yourself is a man’s first clue into whether or not he should make a commitment.

You’re Easy To Be Around

If a man feels easy to be around you, he’s more likely to want to get into a committed relationship with you. If you don’t bring up drama or pressure him, he’ll want to be around you as often as possible. It’s really no different than how you pick your best friends to hang around with. It’s easy to be with these folks – to be who you are, which is why you stick with them. When he feels that way about you, he’s sure to want to continue it.


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