Why Do Men Lose Interest

Why Do Men Lose Interest: 6 Key Reasons A Relationship Will Suddenly Fail

Have ever dated a man who suddenly appeared to lose interest in you? Have you been waiting by the telephone in the hopes that he’ll give you a call? Are you checking your email on a more than regular basis? It appears you may have been the victim of a blow-off!

Why do men do this?

According to experts, it’s just a natural part of the relationship process. To others, it’s because he’s no longer into you. However, you can keep it from happening to you again by knowing why it has happened in the first place.

6 Reasons Men Will Lose Interest In A Relationship

You’re Not On The Same Page

One of the biggest reasons – and most common one – is that you and him are not on the same page in terms of a relationship. The only surefire way is to date men who have a similar relationship standard as you. If you want something long-term, you don’t want to date a guy who wants something else. Him coming back over and over is just asking for emotional trouble.

You Upset Him and Haven’t Admitted To It

It’s not easy to have an objective perspective about your actions, but it’s important you try. Remember, nobody is perfect. Therefore, mistakes will happen. The best thing you can do is embrace the fact you made a mistake and make your apologies. If he’s lost interest for this reason, owning up to it and asking for his forgiveness shows him that you care about how he feels. Until the damage has been repaired, you can’t move forward in the relationship.


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