Why Men Have Affairs

Why Men Have AffairsWhy Men Have Affairs: 8 Reasons Why Men Will Cheat On Their Spouses and Significant Others

More women these days have complained that they’ve dated a cheater in their life. It’s no real wonder why the divorce rate exceeds 50 percent. Many women have been married at least twice in their life. If women knew a man had an affair or cheated, could this reduce the divorce rate. There’s no doubt.

But, women want to know why men cheat. What makes a man decide that one woman is no longer enough?

They’re Not Happy

According to a poll from Redbook Magazine, 48 percent of men say they cheap because they were unhappy in the relationship. “The Truth about Cheating” author Gary Neuman had an even higher rating at 92 percent being the reason they cheated.

It Just Happened

Sometimes cheating just happens. Men like to chase women, and if a beautiful woman starts showing them attention – more than they’re used to getting – they begin to feel they’re appreciated and an emotional affair starts to happen. This emotional afraid can cause cheating. Ironically, the man claims he didn’t mean for the affair to happen – that it was something that happened – and he’s actually being truthful. Think of the office party secretary that the boss sleeps with after he’s had too many cocktails.


Why Men Lie

Why Men LieWhy Men Lie: 7 Important Reasons Men Will Tell Women Lies Instead Of The Truth

The biggest part of any relationship is trust. A woman that can trust her man will do everything they can not to jeopardize it – and most common relationship issues won’t become an issue. When women list the attributes they want from a man, they often note “honesty” as one of the first words.

However, the reality is that men will lie. While women do the same, men do it more often and for various reasons. If women knew the real reason why men told lies, it might help in keeping them from being hurt and spot the signs sooner. If women know why men will lie, it’ll help them steer clear of the rotten apples. And, by knowing why men lie can help women to feel secure about the relationship and ensure less fights down the road.

He Believes He’s Helping

The real wording is that he’s looking to avoid that fight. For instance, women often ask men if what they’re wearing makes them look fat. He knows he cannot win here, regardless of the answer. Therefore, he lies. The reality is that women forget that regardless of what she wears, he think she’s beautiful… even if he’s never worn the dress before or a hundred times before. This is a bullet he’s been able to dodge.

He’s Ego Is Fragile

A man’s ego can be overly fragile and large. In fact, it may be too big to tell you he’s got feeling for you but fragile enough to inform you that he’s still a human being. Think of Neil Simon: he wrote Come Blow Your Horn and, after writing it, he told his wife he was working on another play. He really wasn’t and was overly embarrassed.


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