Why He Didn’t Call You

Why He Didn’t Call YouIt May Not Be About You: 7 Typical Reasons Men Don’t Call A Woman Back

When Alexander Bell created the telephone, women have asked why men don’t call them back. After all, if he said they’d call the lady and don’t, it makes women question as to why this is. There are all kinds of reasons men don’t call back – some are valid; others not so valid. Still, there are reasons ladies need to understand on why men don’t call them back.

7 Common Reasons Men May Not Call Women Back

He Doesn’t Want To Come Across Over-Eager

One of the biggest reasons men don’t call a woman back is that he doesn’t want to come across as over-eager. While he’ll call but it won’t be right away. He wants to demonstrate to her that he has a life away from the relationship.

Plus, they want to be in control of the dating game – he wants to chase her, not the other way around. He’ll call but he’ll do it on his timing and terms. Women may think he won’t call back and, that because he doesn’t right away, something went wrong.

He may just be waiting for the “perfect” time.

He Doesn’t Want To See You Again

Believe it or not, men can change their mind – he may not have been into you but wanted to try and make it work. If there have been a couple of dates, he may have just changed his mind. If he you met him in a bar or club, he may have sobered up and realized he had a girlfriend already.

He’s Not Able To Call You Back

Sometimes his not calling you back could be that he can’t call you back… and it has nothing to do with you. He may have had something come up – sick family member, work, etc. Whatever the reason he has, there’s going to be a reason. Once these things have passed, he’ll give you a call when he can. Of course, this is for couples who have been dating for a few months.

He Doesn’t Remember He Would Call You

If he said he’d call you when he was drinking, he may have actually forgot. And, it doesn’t even have to be alcohol that makes them forget. Men do have a lot of things going on in their life. They may have promised you they’d call but just forgot with everything going on. If a man likes you, they will remember it… but after a few days.

He Needs To Cool Off

If you’ve been dating a man for some time, and suddenly things take an icy turn, his not calling could mean he’s unhappy. It doesn’t mean the relationship is going to end; just that he needs some cooling-down time. Is there something you said or did that irritated him? Are you letting him make the first move after the fight?

He may not even be mad at you – it could be work or family-related. When he doesn’t call during these times, he’s trying to work things out before talking to you about it.

He’s Spending Time Contemplating The Relationship

If you’re dating and suddenly see him pulling back, it could be that he’s trying to figure out for himself how much he wants to be with you. Does he want the relationship to go to another level? Sure, it sounds weird – him not calling you because he really likes you. However, he’s trying to see how much he’s going to miss you and wants to know that you want to hear his voice.

He Doesn’t Want To Be Leashed

Many times this is the result of a long-term relationship – dating, engaged couples or marriages often see this happen. He wants to experience life as a single man without the need of checking in every five to 10 minutes.


According to the myth that when a man doesn’t call women back, it’s because he’s not into her. However, that’s not the case all the time. Men are simple creatures, and if they don’t call, they’re going to be some reason for it. Women, however, will jump to conclusions and automatically assume the worst. Sometimes the reason they don’t call back is not about her. Men just need space to get through life without the lady going all nutso

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