Why Men Have Affairs

Why Men Have AffairsWhy Men Have Affairs: 8 Reasons Why Men Will Cheat On Their Spouses and Significant Others

More women these days have complained that they’ve dated a cheater in their life. It’s no real wonder why the divorce rate exceeds 50 percent. Many women have been married at least twice in their life. If women knew a man had an affair or cheated, could this reduce the divorce rate. There’s no doubt.

But, women want to know why men cheat. What makes a man decide that one woman is no longer enough?

They’re Not Happy

According to a poll from Redbook Magazine, 48 percent of men say they cheap because they were unhappy in the relationship. “The Truth about Cheating” author Gary Neuman had an even higher rating at 92 percent being the reason they cheated.

It Just Happened

Sometimes cheating just happens. Men like to chase women, and if a beautiful woman starts showing them attention – more than they’re used to getting – they begin to feel they’re appreciated and an emotional affair starts to happen. This emotional afraid can cause cheating. Ironically, the man claims he didn’t mean for the affair to happen – that it was something that happened – and he’s actually being truthful. Think of the office party secretary that the boss sleeps with after he’s had too many cocktails.

They Don’t Want The Burdens That Divorce Brings

The majority of men still make the most income for the household, and a divorce is both expensive or ruin the life he’s already established. If a man really doesn’t want to get divorced, deal with the custody or financial issues, he may ease the happiness with cheating on his significant other. This is the best of both worlds.

They Want Some Way Out Of The Relationship

Andrea Sachs, the TIME magazine author, calls this the Ejector Seat principle, meaning men will cheat to get out of a marriage. These men won’t spend time hiding the affair because they hope their other half finds out and leave for themselves.

They’re Indecisive

Men tend to have an affair because they don’t know what they want. Do they get a divorce? Will the affair help them to know what it is they want from life?

A Friend Cheated and Got Away With It

If one of their friends was able to get away from cheating, it makes a man feel like he can do it too. It helps a man who wants to get out of their marriage to justify if they can actually get away with the affair themselves.

It Gives Their Ego A Boost

Men are the hunters of the world, and they love the chase. If they get attention from women they’re not married to, it gives their ego a boost. If they don’t get attention from the home, they’re going to find it somewhere else.


One of the last reasons men will cheat is that their spouse/partner cheated on them and they justified their own by doing it for themselves. They want to show their other halves how it feels to be cheated on. It’s not productive, but it’s a valid reason for them.


There are all kinds of reasons men cheat, and each one’s story is going to be different based on the relationship he’s currently in. According to various authors of magazine articles, emotional dissatisfaction is the key reasons why men will cheat. When women know all the reasons why, they can make the effort to be the woman they want to come home to. Be sure you are the one he gives all the attention to and make him feel appreciated so he doesn’t want to go anywhere else to feel these things

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