Win Back Your Ex

Win Back Your Ex: 7 Noteworthy Things That Will Help You Learn How You Can Win Back Your Ex

When a woman experiences a breakup, she may suffer an array of emotions – heartbreak, grief, denial, etc. It’s not uncommon for a woman to think of ways she can win back her ex – that the only way to stop the pain is to renew the relationship.

Has your relationship recently ended? Are you tired of feeling alone without your ex? Don’t fret too much! There is hope that you can get your ex back. The tools to do this are actually very simple, and won’t just win him over but make him committed to you once more. What do you need to do?

7 Ways That’ll Teach You How You Can Win Back Your Ex

Make Your Ex Miss You

If you’re going to get your ex back, you need to make him miss you. If he misses you, he starts wondering what you’re doing, who you’re seeing and if you’re happy. In fact, the lack of this knowledge may make him so crazy that he’ll have to pick up the phone and call you.

In order for this to happen though, you need to make sure you leave him be. You don’t keep getting in touch with him, hoping he’ll see what a mistake he made dumping you. It’s imperative you use the no-contact rule to encourage him to take the step of calling you.

Make Agreements or Do Some Apologizing

Although you need to use the no-contact rule, a small note that informs him you agree the breakup was a good thing may be what he’s not expecting from you. Be sure you wish him well in the note but be mysterious enough to trigger those feelings once more. Most guys expect their exes to act crazy, giving them a reminder of why the relationship ended in the first place. When you’re nice to your ex, it makes them think that perhaps he was being hasty in his dumping you.

Don’t Focus On What You No Longer Have

If you’re going to focus on anything, focus on things that you’ve gained. Too often people focus on their grief and look at ways to get the person who caused it back into their life. Put your attention on the bigger picture so you can handle the grief a little easier. Think of the breakup as a good time for you to remember who you are. This time will allow you both to grow, and perhaps come back together.

Live Life For You

It could be that you lost your sense of self when thinking of yourself as a couple. He may have felt pressure that he’s the only person to make you happy. Although it seems nice, the added pressure is more responsibility he may not want. However, if you can live a good life for yourself, it lets him know that your happiness is on your shoulders, not his.

Be In The We Just Met Each Other Frame Of Mind

One of the biggest mistakes in trying to get your ex back is trying to pick things back up from where the relationship ended. Bad, bad idea! This just keeps the breakup fresh in both of your minds. The best thing you can do is start anew. Be mysterious, look great and try to find ways to impress him once more.

Repair Things That Tore You Apart

Some women learn why their breakup took place, and if you’re one of these women, you can possibly do something about it. If you want to get him back in your life, you need to repair the damage that was done. Of course, some things can’t be fixed such as your cheating on him. The only thing you can do in these types of cases is show him – in a subtle manner – that you’re doing just fine.

Using The Past To Your Benefit

Once you’ve done the no-contact rule, you’ve allowed him the time to miss you. Now is the time to remind him of the good history you had together and how wonderful things were with you. A little note about a special memory and asking how he’s doing is enough to spur his curiosity. It lets him know you’re thinking of him without trying to come across as you wanting to get back together. This increases the “I miss you” feelings.

What Does It All Mean?

It’s much easier than women think to get their ex back. One of the reasons it’s easy to date the same person is the history, chemistry and affection you have for one another. You understand the things he likes and the things he doesn’t like. Use everything you can to ensure he starts missing you and to make him committed to the relationship once more.

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